Katy Perry I Care

Katy Perry

Beyoncé - I Flange Care
I told you how your hurt me, baby
But you don’t care...
Now I’m crying and deserted, baby
Ain’t nobody tell this is love
You’re inmune to all my pain
I need you to tell me this is love
You don’t care if that’s okay
Well, I care
I know you don’t care too much
But I still care, la la la la (baby)
Oh, I care
Ever since you knew your power
You made my cry...
And now everytime our love goes sour
You won’t sympathize...
You see these tears falling Flangedown to my ears
I swear you like when I’m in pain
I try to tell you all my fears
You still don’t care? That’s okay
Boy, maybe if you care enough
I wouldn’t have to care so much
What happened to our trust?
Now you just given up
You used to be so in love
Now you don’t care no more
I still care, English Lyrics la la la la (baby)
(I... la la la la)