Katy Perry Who Am I Living For

Katy Perry

Katy FlangePerry - Who Am I Living For
I can feel a phoenix inside of me
As I march alone to a different beat
Slowly swallowing down my fear, yeah, yeah
I am ready for the road less traveled
Suiting up for my crowning battle
This is test is my own cross to bear
But I will get there
It’s never easy to be chosen
Never easy to be called
Standing on the front line
When the bombs start to fall
I can see heavens
But I still hear the flames
Calling out my name
I can see the writing on the wall
I can’t latimes ignore this war
At the end of it all
Who am I living for?
I can feel this light that’s inside of me
Growing fast into a bolt of lightning
I know one spark will shock the world, yeah, yeah
So I pray for favor like Esther
I need your strength to handle the pressure
I know there will be sacrifice
But that’s the price
(At English Lyrics the end, at the end)
Heavy is head that wears the crown
Don’t let the greatness get you down